Key Markets and Exports

Rock lobster processed in Tasmania is exported to the mainland or directly overseas as live, fresh product. Export of live product has increased dramatically since the late 1980s, while exports of cooked product have declined. The estimate gross value of production (tonnes landed x average price paid to the fisher) for the 2014/15 quota year was $83 million. Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria continue to work collaboratively through Southern Rock Lobster Ltd to market their product with the aim of expanding export opportunities beyond South East Asia. In 2006/07, rock lobster was Australia’s top export by value and Hong Kong the top export market. Other primary markets for rock lobster include Japan, the United States, China and Chinese Taipei.

In March 2002, the industry gained export exemptions under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 in recognition that the industry is being managed in a sustainable manner. This status has been maintained by periodic review by the Australian Government, most recently in February 2012.

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