Lobster has always been considered a luxury item, but is it really? To prove a point, we used a 1kg live lobster to make three different dishes, each enough for two people. Six magnificent meals, and given the sense of luxury for about $8 each, it hardly seemed extravagant.

For the following recipes, the first step is to hold the live lobster firmly in a tea towel and pierce it with a sharp metal skewer or knife right between the eyes. Working over a bowl, cut upwards from the underbelly, open out the body and twist out the tail meat. Place it on a plate, cover with a damp cloth and refrigerate. Remove the leg and joint meat and set them to one side and, using a sharp knife, roughly cut up all the remaining body and head.

Lobster Souffle

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Hot sour lobster soup

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Grilled lobster tail with garlic olive oil and herbs

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